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Library Services - ART GALLERY

MARCH 2 - 29, 2017

Matt Hudson

Art Deco Relief Carving

Art Reception: Sunday, March 12 from 1-3pm.

The public is invited.

Artist's Bio

Matt was born in Nyack, New York in 1953 and lived in West Nyack till the age of 10. He then moved to Pearl River until his graduation from Pearl River High School in 1971. Once grown, he moved to back to Nyack and has been living there ever since.
Hudson always loved art. He drew a lot as a kid, and was drawn to sculpture from the start. Matt says, "My father gave me this advice: 'It is very difficult to make a living as an artist. Have a back-up plan.’".

Working as a housepainter and carpenter through his 20s, Matt recalls the influence a particular book had on him: Hermann Hesse's novel Narcissus and Goldmund, in which the character Goldmund becomes a woodcarver. The book inspired him to give woodcarving a try. "I bought a set of chisels back then, and I still use them over 40 years later. They're still my favorites."

He carved pretty steadily through 1978, when he started work as a bartender and life got busy. After 12 years, Matt and his then-wife Amy Lehman opened the Hudson House restaurant, which they continue to co-own, adding to a life already full with raising three young daughters. So he put the chisels aside, always hoping to get back to it.

Known by many as the co-owner of The Hudson House of Nyack on Main Street and the creator of its renowned dessert menu, Matt is something of a “social mayor” in town. If you haven't met him at the restaurant, you might know him through one of his nine brothers and sisters, the core of an extended family that still mostly lives in the area.
At the time the restaurant opened, Matt had "no clue" he would eventually fill the walls of that restaurant with his own artwork: hundreds of black-and-white photo portraits in the back, then a large-format series of color photographic prints of the Hudson River in the main dining room. (These prints were the subject of an earlier Valley Cottage Library exhibit.)

It was a New York Times Magazine cover, an illustration of a city manhole cover in October of 2007, that jolted Matt into carving again. It was an ideal design for wood, and he began carving again after a 30 year hiatus. The piece is made of approximately one hundred and twenty rectangles, each one beveled by hand. Ten years later, the front bar room of the restaurant has now filled up with his woodcarvings.

Most of these recent projects are based on Art Deco designs. The first was a doe. Then a deer, winged goddesses and gods, and on from there. Matt says the work takes advantage of his "good spatial sense," and that "this way I can possess a work of art that I love. I just hope to do justice to the designs." Each one is a painstaking process, taking between 40 and 160 hours to complete. Matt believes some designs would take even longer if not for the help of his friend Rick Johnson of the Garnerville Arts Center, who glues the boards together, machine-routs any large background areas, and applies the beautiful finishes.

The development of the skill, confidence, and vision it takes to be an artist can be seen in a duo of carvings, one done in 1978 and one just finished in 2017. They are both intricate illustrations of grapes and vines. The earlier piece is a two-dimensional relief; the work got that far and no further. But the recent piece is fully sculptural, because this time Matt "wasn't afraid to mess it up."

April 1 - 26, 2017

Susan Freiman

Photographs from the People's Climate March

Art Reception: Saturday, April 1 from 12:30-2:30pm.
This Opening Reception will follow the "Meet & Greet with Nature, Outdoor and Environmental Organizations"

The public is invited.

The photography exhibit showcases the people and messages from the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York City. Over 400,000 people attended this amazing event. The photos reflect the diverse, worldwide community fighting climate change/global warming, including people from Rockland County (the Rockland contingent included Catholic Sisters as well as many others). Statements from March participants will accompany the exhibit. After Pope Francis declared his support for fighting climate change/global warming, a small book with many of these photos was sent to the Vatican via the US Embassy to the Holy See.
Earth Day Celebration!

Meet and Greet with Nature, Outdoor and Environmental Organizations

Saturday, April 1st, 10:30 – 12:45

Join the festivities!

Meet your local nature, outdoor and environmental organizations and discover your new favorite non-profit, plus new outdoor activities and educational resources. These groups have year round activities and throughout the year there are walks, service events meetings and more. These events are appropriate for a variety of ages, abilities and interests. Where do you fit in? Come and find out!

Visit each group’s table to get a head start on all they have to offer, then find a seat. In speed-dating fashion at 11am each group will introduce you to their organization in 10 minutes or less. After presentations, you’ll have a chance to re-visit their tables to ask questions and gather more information.
Refreshments will be served.

Participating Groups/Individuals include:

1) Strawtown Environmental Studio
2) Rockland Sierra Club
3) Keep Rockland Beautiful
4) Rockland Audubon Society
5) Rockland County Division of Environmental Resources, Nicole Laible, Environmental Management Assistant
6) Rockland Conservation and Service Corps, a program of the Rockland County Youth Bureau, Kathy Galione, Project Coordinator
7) Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County


In Our Gallery
July 2017
Community Art Show!
Summer Selfies

Calling All Nyack School District Amateur and Professional Artists!

Let’s fill the gallery with the faces of the people in our community!

We will be accepting any 2D medium:
photographs, drawings, paintings, linotypes, engravings, collages, etc., of yourself, family and/or friends.
Submit work from June 15 - 28 to the Information Desk.


Artwork must be framed & ready to hang.

Ages: 14 and Up.
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