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About The Library - VC Library Association

has been rescheduled from Wednesday, January 20, 2016 to Monday, February 22, 2016 at 7:30 PM in the Library in order to be in compliance with regulations of notice.

The following business will be conducted:

1. Receive the annual budget of the Board of Trustees

2. Elect two trustees, each to one 5-year term

3. Adopt an amendment to Article 3, Membership, of the Constitution of the Association Bylaws which shall read:
An Association member shall be any registered voter residing in the Library's chartered service area. Association members shall have the right to vote on all matters put forward for deliberation and vote at any duly constituted Association meeting.
(This eliminates the original language which read: Any resident of the Libraryís chartered service area who is 18 years of age may become a voting member by paying the annual dues established in the bylaws.)

4. Adopt an amendment of the Association Bylaws, Article 1, Fiscal Year, which shall read:
The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.
(This eliminates the original language which read: The Annual Dues for Membership shall be $5.00 per year. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.)

5. Adopt an amendment of the Association Bylaws, Article 2, Meeting, Section 4, to read:
Notices of meetings. The official newspaper of the Valley Cottage Free Library Association shall be designated annually by the Board of Trustees. A notice of every meeting of the members of the Association, stating the purpose therefore, the time and place therefore, shall be published in the official newspaper and posted on the Library bulletin board at least thirteen (13), and not more than twenty (20) days prior to the meeting. At special meetings, only business stated in the call for that meeting may then be transacted.
(Article VI, Official Newspaper, of the Association Bylaws was eliminated and language inserted in Article 2, Meeting, Section 4 of the Association Bylaws.)

6. Adopt an amendment of the Association Bylaws, Article 3, Trustees, Section 2, to read:
The election of a trustee or trustees shall be held during the Annual Meeting in January each year. The nomination for these trustees must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Board no later than December 31st prior to the Annual Meeting.
(This eliminates the original language which read: The election of a trustee or trustees shall be held during the Annual Meeting in January each year. The nomination for these trustees must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Board at least 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting

7. Transact all business that may be legally presented before such annual meeting.

Valley Cottage Library Trustee Candidates

There are two seats open for five-year terms.


It has been my extreme pleasure and honor to have served on the Valley Cottage Library Board of Trustees since May 2013, having been appointed by the Board of Trustees to fill an open position that expired at the end of 2015. I have also served as Vice-President of the Board of Trustees for the year 2015. I'm asking for your vote to continue to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Valley Cottage Library. I would like to share with you some of my qualifications to represent our community on the Board of Trustees.

I have been a resident within the Nyack School district and within the Valley Cottage Library geographic area for almost twenty-five years and a dedicated user of the library for all of those years. We have a beautiful, indispensable library uniquely in tune to the needs of our community and a well-trained, happy and professional staff. Serving on the Board I have asked the difficult, searching questions about the operation of the library, its goals and services, including its technology services, and its ability to continue to meet the current and future needs of our community from our youngest to our oldest users in the 21st century and will continue to do so if elected for a five-year term on the Board. In addition to serving on the Board, since 2012 I have been a volunteer tutor with Literacy Solutions, formerly Literacy Volunteers of Rockland County, working with two English as a Second Language (ESL) students with whom I meet here in the Valley Cottage Library every week.

I am retired after forty years from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company as Assistant Vice President in charge of the Life Underwriting Policy Department. I have experience with strategic planning, budgeting, auditing, communications, marketing, public relations, and legal and compliance issues. I was also a past President and Executive Board Member of the Metropolitan Underwriting Discussion Group, an industry organization based in New York City geared toward promoting the education and professionalism of underwriters in the tristate area. Also, I was a past Treasurer and Executive Board Member of the Home Office Life Underwriters Association (now the Association of Home Office Underwriters). I hold an MBA, from New York University and a BA in History and Political Science from Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY.

I believe my background, business experience and experience for the past two and a half years on the Valley Cottage Library Board of Trustees make me uniquely qualified to serve our community for a five term on the Board.

I am a retired superintendent of schools with a Ph.D. from Columbia University, who has had many years of experience working with school and public libraries, as well as having worked and been part of an elected board. I understand the importance of sustaining a strong and vibrant library as a major part of our community. For over thirty years I have enjoyed many of the fine programs and services offered by our own library and want to be a board trustee member so that these opportunities continue to flourish. I hope that I can count on your trust and support.

I have lived in Valley Cottage for 30 years and been a member of the Valley Cottage Library for at least 25 years. In recent years, I have attended some of the association meetings and worked the library vote. I have come to appreciate the comprehensive assortment of resources and services provided by this library. The childrenís and teen programs are creative and well attended as are the reading and discussion groups. The work done by the Association in recreating the parking lot was stunning. Iíd like to be a part of the associationís work going forward.
My education includes BA in Biology/Microbiology at Fairleigh Dickinson University and some graduate studies at NY School of Medicine. Continuing education included management, process control, critical point analysis seminars at Lederle/Wyeth, Juran Quality Management and fungi courses at American Society of Microbiology and Centers for Disease Control.

I am a past president of the Grace Church altar guild and served as usher for about 15 years. Since 1992, I have served on the Board of the Mountainview East II Condominium, a board-managed property of 14 buildings on 15 acres with 242 dwelling units. I have been Secretary, Vice President and am currently President of that organization. I have also had the pleasure of providing costuming for the Amazing Grace Circus.

While at Wyeth, I acquired and maintained an extensive department library of articles, monographs and books specializing in the Fungi Imperfecti.

It's easy to join!

From our modest beginning in 1959 in a one room storefront on Old Lake Road to our present home nestled among a few acres of woods and lovely gardens on Route 303, Valley Cottage Library has continued to grow as a vital and important community resource. As an association library, we are a not-for-profit educational corporation supported for by the public and administered by a seven member executive board of trustees. Any Valley Cottage resident, 18 years or older may be a member of the Association by paying the annual $5 dues.

Association membership gives you the ability to play an active role in the continuing development of this important neighborhood institution. Members are invited to the annual meeting each January and are eligible to run for any open trustee positions on the board and to vote on the operating budget prepared by the board.

If you enjoy and value the Valley Cottage Library and want to show your support, why not join the Valley Cottage Library Association? As an association member you can directly influence the success of the library in the community.

Please take the time right now to show your interest and support by downloading the Association membership application below and returning it to the library with your 2015 Association membership dues.

Join us in helping libraries change lives.
We invite you to join us in helping libraries change lives.

Please download and complete the application for your 2015 Association membership (click in the link below) and send it with your check payable to:
Valley Cottage Library
110 Route 303
Valley Cottage NY 10989.

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